With the almostGolf ball, it's possible for Dagem Adehena to practice golf anywhere. At 2:05 you'll see the almostGOLF ball featured on the tee as Dagem hits it in a backyard to practice with his custom made clubs.




JUNIOR GOLF INSTRUCTION...OFF THE GOLF COURSE:Thanks to the almostGolf ball, you can now teach kids golf most anywhere. This is revolutionary because in the past, (only 4 years ago) kids seldom learned golf because 'kids don't have cars', and few parents can afford the time, money and travel to bring their child to a dedicated facility on a regular basis.


BACKYARD GOLF COURSE: Old school sandlot golf


BACKYARD GOLF HAS COME OF AGE:Perry Wright of Manhatten beach, CA and his buddies created a nice, tight 9 hole course they play nearly every day. It's not a long course by any means. There are only a few holes you can take full swings on. It's really a target golf type course designed for low scores. It's kind of like billards meets darts and golf all in one. It's a lot of fun when you come home from school or work and only have an hour to spend having fun.  


COLLEGE CAMPUS GOLF: The Auburn University almostGolf Open


AUBURN UNIVERSITY ALMOSTGOLF OPEN 2008: This was a highlight of the 2008 college golf tour. We were able to design, create, then play a 9 hole course right through the Auburn University campus. With the famous Auburn Football stadium looming over nearly every hole, players were able to hit shots over buildings and off elevated tees. It was a great way to bring a golf event onto campus. Best of all, the event raised money for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta. So all the player entry fees went to charity.  




THE PUMA OPEN 2008, Tustin Ranch, CA: THE almostGOLF HAIL MARY SHOOTOUT: This is definately something you've never seen before in golf. Since the real golf ball has to be the most dangerous object on the planet and the wiffle golf ball is the only ball in the world that doesn't work, we thought it would be nice to introduce a whole new way to play golf by adding catching. This was definately the hit of the event because no one ever saw it coming and the truth is, most recreational golfers play more than one sport. I was shocked at how many players dove for balls and really went for it. Nice duds or not, there were some serious diggs for the ball. Hats off to Puma golf for putting on such a great event as well as our other sponsors Astroturf and Function drinks


THE MESCHEWSKI OPEN: Greatest neighborhood golf tournament


THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD/BACKYARD GOLF TOURNAMENT IN THE STATES: John Meschewski and his family put on the most amazing backyard golf tournament I've ever played in. It's got cut fairways and greens, shots over houses, pools and streets. The best part is that the neighbors contribute both to course design and construction of the course. This is truly a shining example of a neighborhood charity fundraisers and it's raised over $50,000 in the last five years.  




CAL POLY POMONA ON-CAMPUS SHOOTOUT: How to introduce golf onto a college campus: We are learning alot about how to bring golf onto campus and the steps needed to make it effective, safe and tranctionable. Step one is to create a fun modified driving range experience so players and passers by can check out 'golf on campus' and see that its fun, safe and accessible. Then create a small almost - golf course of maybe five holes for those who want to take the next step. We found everyone had a blast and they now want us back to create other events.


NEW GOLF COURSE DESIGN #1: Parking Garage Pool. Getting onto the roof


THE ELEVATED 'ROOF TOP' GREEN: Welcome to a new way of playing golf and creating your own 'golf course' by hitting up onto parking garages. The first step in any parking garage golf foray is to get up onto the parking garage itself. Then you can begin working your way down.

In many cases, you will find places to hit that are stories above the tee box. Here you want to pick a club that will get the ball over the parking garage wall at the apex of its flight. If you pick too lofted a club, you will flight high and short. But then, if you are afraid that you won't make the distance, you may hit too low a club and end up hitting into the third floor and missing the top flooer all together. In all, getting onto the garage is no easy task.

Learn more about streetgolf, urbangolf and crossgolf.



LMU ALMOSTGOLF OPEN 2006:The LMU Open was our first attempt at true almostGolf art direction and 'player flow'. As a result it was a blast to create. We went a completely different direction from the first LMU event we produced a few years ago. That event wandered through the campus. This event took 'Golf' to a whole new level of spectator involvement by tightening up the course into the 'sunken garden' area of campus (4 acres) and creating what we like to call a 'Stadium Golf' course where all the action takes place within a pretty confined 'stadium' environment and central clubhouse. In fact, we sandwiched the clubhouse with two incoming holes (7&13) and three outgoing holes (1,5,10) so it was kind the 'control central' hub of a wheel. You really can't do this with real golf balls because they are massively dangerous and go way too far. But with an off-course safe golf ball, everything changes.


NEW GOLF COURSE DESIGN #2: Hitting to lower floors


THE ROOF TOP ELEVATED TEE BOX: This is definately not a shot you've seen on any traditional golf course. The tee box is on the fourth floor and the green is right below your feet on the third floor. This is a shot where home court advantage and course knowledge make all the difference because you need to know exactly where you need to hit the ball so it ends up rolling down the ramp to the center of the green. Not an easy task.




UNLV CAMPUS DRIVING RANGE:  We found an almostGolfer in our midst. We set up the UNLV event very much like CAL POLY POMONA with a modified driving range with several hitting bays and a small course for people to get their feet wet. But this time we took one more step forward. I met a kid who's father had purchased the almostGolf golf ball the first year we were in business. And as my new found friend was plucking 60 yard shots into a water hazard without even trying, he explained how he had played for at least 12 hours the first day he got our balls. He even created his own almost-golf course. I was blown away by his skills. He out classed everyone with a golf club that day. I guess he proves the point. Practice makes perfect.


The USC almost-GOLF Open 2008


ALMOSTGOLF FACTORY TEAM DEFEATS USC GOLF CLUB IN A SQUEEKER: The first almostGolf tournament of the 2008 season saw a battle between almost-Tiger Woods and the USC Golf Club. It came down to the final fountain shot where Tiger made the shot and sent fans flying into the fountain.




Off-COURSE GOLF DESIGN: HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN SYNTHETIC WATER HAZARD: Who says you have to be a Golf Course or landscape architect to create a stunning water hazard...especially if the water hazard is placed around your schoolyard, park or neighborhood. Here is a quick and easy primer on how to either use the existing water features you have on your almost-golf course or create your own synthetic water hazards to up elevate the course or competition.


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THE BADLANDS SHOOTOUT: Las Vegas NV. This was our first on-the-golf course competition using the almostGolf ball. This was a warm up round event for the CGA Collegiate National Championships in Vegas. We created a course around the practice greens and tee boxes. Some shots were from the back tees, over trees and to a pin on a practice green. It was pretty much the marriage of darts, meet pool, meets golf.