THE AUBURN UNIVERSITY ALMOSTGOLF OPEN turned out to be the type of event we strive for at every tour stop. Thanks to all the hard work of Thomas Burke and his IFC crew, we were able to put on a 2 day event which was part of the IFC philantropy week raising money for the Boy and Girls Clubs of Lee County, AL.

TUESDAY: We set up a driving range to build awareness about the tournament and give everyone a chance to hit some shots, win some prizes and get a feel for the ball.

WEDNESDAY: We set up the course, complete with elevated tee boxes, targets, water hazards, and our famous 'cup-O-sand traps'. The ceremonial first group included various school administration and officials. They said they were only going to play a hole or two, but ended up playing most of the course.

Auburn main building.jpg

THE COURSE: The course was designed to be played through campus with a number of showcase holes, including the second and third holes featuring elevated tee boxes and water hazards. The fifth hole was a dogleg left around a building, where only bombers could carry the building to cut the connor and have a short shot to the hole. The final hole was a true risk reward hole, players either hit a short punchy lay-up to the middle of the horse shoe or risk bogey by trying to cut the ball through the trees...we certainly saw more players loose this gamble then win it.


How to play Golf...almost How to create an almost Golf Tournament 10 Tips to designing your own golf course


GREAT FUNDRAISING IDEAS: Neighborhood golf tournaments

The 2008 MESCHEWSKI OPEN: Neighborhood golf will never be the same again. The Meschewski Open has got to be the best example of a backyard / neighborhood charity golf tournament in the world. Every year John Meschewski and his family put on a 36 hole tournament through the neighborhodd. In the last five years they've raised $50,000 for charity. 

THE GOLF COURSE: The Open hosts two 18 hole courses that this year accomodated 200 players. The top players from each round went on to a playoff and the winner of the play off wins the tournament.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE OPEN: This is the only tournament of its kind, that we know of, that actually brings out the lawn mowers and cuts the fairways. They then cut the greens, put in a real golf hole and flag, then draw a 5ft cirlce with lawn paint around the hole. So if you land in the circle without getting in the hole, you just add one stroke and pick up your ball. This makes playing the course super fun and super fast.

If you would like to create your own tournament, check out the other blog entries as well as our golf video and teaching/instruction section for more info.


NEW WAYS TO PLAY GOLF: Parking Garage Golf

PARKING GARAGE GOLF/THE ELEVATED TEE BOX: We actually found this shot and began pioneering this new way to play golf when we were scouting for last year's Golf Channel commercial. We were looking for football fields to illustrate how high school golf teams can/are practicing on football fields (after school, during lunch etc. like shooting freethrows).  But once we saw this amazing structure next to a field, the gears started to turn. What a cool series of shots. First you hit up onto the garage, then work your way down.  

PARKING GARAGE GOLF. We quickly started to see how this was a whole new off-course artform. almostGOLF balls are made for this kind of play because they check up really well on concrete and they fly just the right distance of 60 yards on a parking garage or playing field is a perfect distance.


THE ELEVATED TEE SHOT. What I liked about this shot was how you had to hit the perfect landing area or your ball wouldn't hit the green. A little too far right on the ramp and you would hit a gutter ball, but the further left you hit the ball, the better chance you had to get on the green. The other cool thing about this hole and shot is that it's an almost-golf course designers dream. It's a shot no one in real golf has ever been able to create or hit. It was actually really hard figuring out how to set up the course...but that's a whole other blog entry.

A few notes about playing Parking Garage Golf:

PARKING GARAGE PUTTING. Key to Parking Garage Golf is that the ball checks up so you can putt out. Depending on the concrete's stimp, it can be really fast, or really slow. The stimp of a parking garage is generally pretty mellow, but the break is what will get you in trouble because parking garage manufacturers generally rake parking garage concrete to prevent skidding and spinning out when the concrete gets wet. So the new challenge is to read the rake of the concrete. Try parking garage putting and you will definitely improve your green grass golf game. No question.

CLUB SELECTION/STYLE OF PLAY. You can use any club you would like. It's your game, but I prefer an 8 or 9 iron at most. Parking Parking Garage Golf is really a game of accuracy, long chips & rolls and working the ball. It's more like billiards meet pool meets golf because accept for top floor roof shots, you are working your way down the garage and you are not hitting full golf shots. You are hitting knock downs and skill shots to place the ball so it can roll to the hole or the 'set up fairway' for the second shot of a par 4 or par 5. I would definitely say this form of the game falls under the category of 'street golf' and 'urban golf.'

GIVE US YOUR SUGGESTIONS: If you have any ideas for how to play PGG or any other form of the game, feel free to comment, sign up and give us your opinions.



Last summer at the USC Open event, Perry Wright was our surprise second place finisher. The surprise was that he is only twelve years old and beat out almost the entire field of 20 something’s. After the event, I spoke with Perry and his parents about how they heard about the event and how he honed his almostgolf skills. His father told me that they bought a box of our golf balls about a year back and Perry has been hooked ever since, adding that his son is sometimes more interested in playing the almostgolf course through their neighborhood, which he and his buddies designed, then going to regular courses. The bottom line is that he has the opportunity to swing his sticks nearly every day , something most golfers of any age can’t do.


SANDLOT GOLF: Perry’s Manhattan Beach, CA couse is pretty tight. He and his friends designed their layout throughout their neighborhood utilizing everything from neighbor’s yards, fences, driveways, and sidewalks. As you can see, Perry did a pretty good job making his course fun, playable, and safe…something we recommend if you want your course to stay around for awhile.

If you have a course around your neighborhood, yard or park, send us some photos or videos of it and we will put it up for everyone to see.

How to create your own almost golf course
How to create your own golf events
Charity fundraising ideas and events
Junior golf instruction and education

WOMEN IN GOLF: How to learn golf without fear or intimidation

Paula Creamer eating putterNEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE: Paula Creamer calling for women to break the grass ceiling
BILL PENNINGTON Published: August 24, 2008
NY TIMES ARTICLE: After reading Bill Pennington's column which featured LPGA Tour star Paula Creamer giving her two cents on why more women weren't taking up the game, we figured we would let you hear our thoughts and how we can help change the situation.

We constantly hear about how women are having trouble getting into the game of golf because they are affraid or intimidated by the traditional rules or etiquette. It's also very intimidating for a beginner to 'spray balls' on the driving range and frankly...look like a beginner. I know I didn't enjoy it.

So for any beginning golfer afraid or intimidated by traditional golf courses, we suggest you start out using almostgolf balls around your yard, park or neighborhood. Our balls make learning the game easy and convenient, so when you go to the course you have more fun. Also, our ball doesn't hurt your hands when you mis-hit shots so you really hit a lot of balls.


1. CONVENIENCE: Since all you need to do is walk out your back door, you can now pWomen learning golf in yardractice more often, get in a lot more swings and improve faster without any stress.

2. MAKE MISTAKES: Now you can 'look bad' and make mistakes without anyone seeing or judging you.  It's important to note that everyone learning golf needs to hit a lot of balls before they groove a repeatable swing. Why not do it for 15 minutes a day where no one is watching.

3. EXPERIMENT: Now you can hit as many balls as you would like and discover your game. You can experiment with foot position, different shots and swing patterns without worrying about looking bad or 'wasting range balls'.

4. HAVE MORE FUN: By practicing in and around your yard or neighborhood, you can have a lot of fun. You can include your family and friends. And the more fun you have, the more you will want to play and having fun is what its all about. 

Tell us your opinion.



HOW TO PLAY GOLF...ALMOST IN HEAVEN: Thanks to all our AG friends around the world, we've just been sent two clips from the FIRST MEGEVE STREETGOLF OPEN. "Megève is an amazingly beautiful little hamlet nestled in French alps. It's got chalets and cobble stone streets and most likely awesome wine and cheese. (At least better than anything in LA) It's one of the twelve best Alpine ski resorts in France and as you can see, they are very into their outdoor "recreation".


When they contacted us back in May about this event I instantly google mapped them and saw that they lived in streetgolf heaven. More so 'Mountain Golf' heaven. (Note that in France, StreetGolf is pretty much what they call almostGolf or off-course golf. In Germany they tend towards the more more rural Crossgolf or off-golf) Of course the mayor of Megeve and I skyped our hearts out. In the end we sent them some AG balls and lots of 'course design' knowledge straight from our LA almostGolf testing laboritories. I am not sure it really helped, since we live in Condo land and they are pretty much 'the sound of music'.

There are two things about these golf videos to let wash over you. First, they are playing through the cobblestone streets of an amazing town that was most likely created 500 years ago. Now they are turning it into a golf course. Now that is progress. The second is that they live on the side of the alps. And that is not just any mountain. In Europe, they cross purpose their mountains by growing with grass. (Geee, how novel is that?) So in the summer the cows get to chow down to provide everyone all that great French 'fromage'. But what this really means is that Megeve may some day allow us to create the most amazing down hill mountain golf course you've ever seen.  

Competition wise the tournament definately wasn't the British Open, but who cares. It must have been an amazing day of having fun. As I watched, I yerned to be there, sipping on a glass of wine and keeping score for my streetgolfing breathern.  As you can imagine, Megeve is officially on the almostGOLF 'we have to go to this event next year' calander list. And having spend a lot of time in France, I highly recommend trying to get to Megeve and the entire region. The food, wine, people and atmosphere is hard to beat anywhere in the world. Also, as a golfer you definately need to check out their legit Golf du Mont d'Arbois, the golf in the French Alps mountains. What else could be better. Bottomline, definately go to Megeve if you ever go to France. 
Learn more about the difference between urbangolf, streetgolf and crossgolf



THE PUMA OPEN: Tustin Ranch Golf Course, Los Angeles, CA June : The almostGOLF Hail Mary shot: As you all may know, the almostGOLF ball is a limited distance golf ball designed to hit over your house or fade around the jungle gym. It's not necessarilly a "golf course" golf ball. So when Puma Golf, our college campus tour clothing sponsor, gave us a shout and asked us if we would come to their Puma Golf Open series of on-the-golf-course events, we said...(in our best Californian)....LIKE-A-YEAH! Then it hit us, what are we going to do in the world of the real golf ball? What could we offer?


All it took was a Saturday morning bike ride, round of golf and a chill in the LA hot tub to come up with the answer. Basically, what is the difference between the almostGOLF ball and a traditional golf ball? The traditional golf ball flies a mile, it's amazingly awesome to hit...but it will kill you if it hits you. But the almostGOLF ball flies a human distance of about 50 yards with a 9 iron and you can catch it.
YUREKA!...WE FIGURED IT OUT: The first ever 'HAIL MARY' Golf Shootout: So we created a contest. No, we created a whole new way to 'play' golf where the best ball striker gets in the 'hitters box' and the other three or four players go to the catchers box and tries to catch as many balls in a row. Well the video pretty much explains it. Everyone had a blast because when they drove up to our hole, it was something they never expected. It was active, involving and a definate challenge. It's really not that easy catching any object, much less a 'golf ball' from fifty yards. We had players digging for shots and diving over benches. I can definately say, Puma golfers know how to go for it. OTHER PUMA EVENTS AND VIDEOS: Learn more about how to get involved in Puma Open events and to check out their clips.

PUMA OPEN MASHUPS: All clips were shot with the RCA Small Wonder Camcorder
Learn more about other new ways to play golf, urbangolf, streetgolf, cross golf, the almostGolf College Campus Tour and How to play golf...almost


NEW WAY TO PLAY GOLF: The elevated green on the garage

THE ELEVATED PARKING GARAGE GREEN: Getting up onto the parking garage is the first step in learning how to play Parking Garage Golf. We found this field and garage as we were scouting our Golf Channel Commercial. Once we walked around it, we knew we had to try some cool shots.

YOUR ALMOST-GOLF COURSE DESIGN: As we looked at this playing field, track, grand stands and parking garage, it became clear that the garage was a showcase. We'd turn the track into both water hazard on one side of the course and an actual fairway on the other. But hitting up onto and off of the parking structure was key to creating an eye popping and very exciting almost-Golf course.

COURSE DESIGN INTEGRATION: Integrating the garage into your course to create impact wasn't easy. We chose to hit the 'between the uprights' shot for the course. (but they were replacing them the day we came in to shoot) We wanted to create the most dramatic entrance to the parking garage section of this course. So why not through the uprights.

SELECTING THE RIGHT PUTTING GREENS: Though we have a killer Astroturf putting green we've used at events like the USC almostGolf Open July 14th 2007USC Open and the LMU Tri-Delta Open last year, this course required a green that was fast to install and easy to hit. When and if we can use this location to do a full tournament, we will bring our best greens, but simple Home Depot indoor/outdoor turf does pretty well.

JUDGING THE DISTANCE: Key to creating such a dramatically elevated green is club selection and distance. Since you are choosing one club for the competition or golf tournament, you need to spec out how far you can hit shots to their apex and not total distance. Here we are just on the edge with a 7 iron. Any further and most players would not be able to make to the top level of the garage.

ANY SUGGESTIONS: If you have any comments, opinions, rules or suggestions, please join the AG Club or Youtube Club and tell us what you think. New golf games



10 TIPS TO REMEMBER WHEN DESIGNING YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD or PARK GOLF COURSE:  For the first few years of almostGOLF's existence, we were like many'ers, we worked (no...slaved) out of our house in Santa Monica, CA., but that had some marked advantages. First I was able to turn our front yard and neighborhood into the almostGOLF testing laboratories. I could walk out the side door and hit shots across the yard during breaks with employees. It was an awesome way to regenerate our batteries during the work day. Then, during weekends and off hours I walked across the street to my park and played my own 'golf course'. What I didn't realize was that my experience of learning golf was so much easier, convenient, creative and fun then what most people go through. Check out my Parking Lot Golf Driving Range entry to see what I mean.


OUR FIRST COURSE: I created my first 18 hole golf course with great fondness because there is nothing like taking off the headset, turning off the computer, grabbing a pocket worth of balls, a shag and my favorite golf club (Cleveland TA5 8 iron) and being able to be hitting balls and sculpting shots within five minutes. So here are  few tips on creating your course.


  1. LOCATION: Find a park or area of the park/schoolyard/neighborhood that doesn't have a lot of pedestrian traffic. You'll find this well help with the flow of your course and speed of play.
  2. COURSE ETIQUETTE: l ways almostSHAG or pocket shag to reduce neighborhood divot damgage, because park rangers hate the TWO D's: Divots and Damage. If they see you being cool with the shag, life will be better for everyone.
  3. INTER PARK DIPLOMACY: Befriend the park ranger and make sure it's cool that you play there. Though it's traditionally illegal to play golf in parks, you will be surprised how many park rangers are not only cool with your playing, but want to play along with you. Also, if you are going to hit into an area where guys are playing catch or the like, ask them if you and your crew can hit through before spraying them with balls. Especially at the beginning of this new sport.
  4. USE THE RIGHT GOLF BALL COLORS: When playing an open course, (off-course) use yellow, orange or blue balls because most people flip out when they see white golf balls flying around where they think they shouldn't be.
  5. PARK GOLF COURSE DESIGN: Create challenging course elements like hitting over fences or around obstacles. Also design your course to start and finish at the same location. That makes it fun to 'take a lap' around the park and end up where you started.
  6. WIND DESIGN: The almostGOLF ball handles the wind far better than most non-urban golfers think. Since it's got a 386 dimple pattern it cuts the wind quite well. So now you can design your course to take advantage of side winds, tail winds and the head wind. Design your course so if you have a right to left side wind, you have to draw a shot around an obstacle right to left. Now the wind becomes your friend and cutting, fading and working the almostGOLF ball is what this sport is all about. (I will definitely write an entire entry about working the wind and course design. So stay tuned.)
  7. CREATE A COURSE CLUB STANDARD: Determine the standard club you are going to use for your course. I am a big fan of the 8 iron. It allows you to hit high, low, long and short shots. If you don't set the club, your crew will come along with a 4 iron and over cook your course. Remember, almostGOLF is about accuracy and shot making not distance.
  8. CREATE THE PAR FOR YOUR COURSE: This allows you to create a bench mark that you can now begin to whittle away at. It's amazing how you can smoke your course after playing it several times. It feels good to go into red numbers after a hard day of work.
  9. PIN PLACEMENT IS EVERYTHING: A lot of times the hole is a fire hydrant, sign post or the pitchers chalk. You can make your pins easy or difficult, depending on your skill level. Determine your pars according not to standard distance, but to difficulty getting into the greens and the holes. Sometimes a green can be so impossible to land, you should turn it from a par 3 to a par 4 because of its difficulty factor.
  10. BE FLEXIBLE AS YOU PLAY YOUR GOLF COURSE: Remember you can change your course at any moment, especially if there are pedestrian or automotive hazards in the way of your fairway or on the green. If a pedestrian has decided to become a 'picnic hazard' or 'soccer hazard', change your hole and steer clear. If you don't, you could spook them and cause all kinds of negative vibes...and no one wants that. Remember, you are act like it.  Steet golf / urban golf rules

UNLV OPEN 2008: Campus golf vegas style


UNLV CAMPUS GOLF OPEN 2008: I MET A REAL ALMOSTGOLFER: This was the third stop on our 2008 spring tour and it took place right in the middle of the UNLV campus. During this inaugural spring tour we’ve been trying to learn all we can about what students are into:

  1. How many of them are actually golfers with a half decent swing
  2. How many are what we call ‘closet golfers’ afraid to admit to their friends that they once played golf
  3. How many are true beginners  but into the game.
  4. How many would be into a tournament if the school had one First: We learned that there are a ton of #1 and #2. It’s amazing the number of closet golfers who almost apologize for not wanting to go from high school ball to college ball. Their major answer is that they want to be college students and not live on a golf course. I can understand that completely.

What blew me away this time was one freshman who kept hitting crisp shots about 70 yards to one of our water hazards. He was so consistent and mindless in his ability to hit repeatable shots, I had to grab my camera and start shooting. (Video: see me catching the ball with one hand)

After the event we had the joyous ritual of shagging a days worth of golf balls…and this kid came out to help us. I mean this kid was not only good at golf, he was helping us shag! He definitely wins the almostGOLF ‘Dude’ award for valor on the range. As we shagged, he told me about how his dad actually bought him almostGOLF balls five years ago to get him into golf. I was honestly blown away because I think his dad must have been one of our very first customers.

Learn more about the almostgolf College Golf Tour and new ways to play golf>


CAL POLY POMONA HIGHLIGHTS: Introducing golf onto college campuses


CAL POLY POMONA: HOW TO PRODUCE AN ON-CAMPUS COLLEGEGOLF EVENT THAT WORKS:  It's been an amazing spring season for almostGOLF events so far. We've definitely learned alot about how to bring golf onto a school campus and the steps needed to make it effective, fun,tractionable and repeatable.

STEP #1 CREATE A DRIVING RANGE EXPERIENCE EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER: Starting at the USC Open, we created a five stall 'demo' range near the middle of campus where there was a lot of foot traffic so students and administrators could come by and just hit balls. We knew that bringing golf onto campus was breaking a long standing perception that golf is dangerous and therefore not allowed on campus. You see, most people associate swinging golf clubs with the lethal projectile known as a traditional golf ballWe needed to re-educate teachers and students alike and show them there is a very cool alternative that safely fits the world they all live in. So the easiest first step was to create a structured range situation where anyone could try their hand, get some instruction and either discover or rediscover the game of golf in a casual way

STEP #2: CREATE AN ALMOST- GOLF COURSE: What we found was that alot of kids really wanted to go beyond the range and play some holes...but there's more Much to our surprise we discovered a silent mass of really good 'closet golfers' that came by and began really slinging the rock. They were usually kids who played in high school or learned at a country club, but simply didn't want to spend the time to compete on a collegiate level. So for those players we created a five hole almost- golf courseNow players could spend a half hour playing the course and schooling their friends. It was just enough time to give them a taste of this new form of golf competition and reignite their interest in the game. In fact, nearly everyone of these players came back to us and asked when we were going to have a tournament and if so, they wanted to play. (Read more) 


USC almost-Golf Open Video Highlights 2008

THE BEST WAY TO PLAY GOLF...IS RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR DORM: The first tournament of the almostGolf College Campus Golf Tour went off with a bang. It was truly an urbangolf success. We had over 100 players compete on the 12 hole course through McCarthy Quad on the campus of the University of Southern California.  The highlight of the golf tournament was the battle between the almostGolf factory team of Gareth Estwick and almost-Tiger Woods vs the USC Golf Club . The match was all square until the 8th hole when USC  took the lead. Then, on the 11th hole almost-Tiger Woods sank a birdie chip to draw the match to even and bring the competition to the final bonus 'water hole'. With all the chips on the table almost-Tiger came through by nailing the water target on the first shot and putting the competition away...Of course a spectator had to go swimming to celebrate the victory.

Special thanks to all our sponsors: Puma golf for their great golf fashions and prizes, Function Drinks for their tasty beverages and Astroturf for the best hitting mats in golf. And we can't forget Puma's killer DJ Shumpei....

GOLF COURSE DESIGN: In terms of our urbangolf-streetgolf-crossgolf course design, the water fountain hole took the prize followed by our hole #2 which was a killer par 4 over the bike racks, over the clubhouse tents and then over water.

TOURNAMENT SCORES: Even though the par was 22 for the course, many teams came out and blew that count away thanks to special bonuses along the course. Below is the list of golfers who turned in legible scorecards. See where you stacked up:


1. Chris Cheng                        16    
    Brad McMahon                  
2. Christian G.                         16    
    Mike Coverly                      
3. Eric Chiang                         16
4. Justin Neog                         17    
    Brian Timmins                      
5. Matt Raichel                        18    
    Max Szentveri                     
6. Andrew Steiner                    18    
    Scott Sternad
    Lisa Okamoto
7. Colin MacMillan                   19   
   Ken Lee      
8. Heather Massie                    22   
   Travis Adamson
   Tom Goodrich
9. Matthieu Delgrange               22   
    Jon Chow
10. Eric Sangrin Shin                  23
11. Chupacabras                        23   
12. Gary Chan                          39

    Charles Wang



JUNIOR GOLF INSTRUCTION SEES A NEW HORIZON: These are exciting times for junior golf development, thanks to the almostGOLF ball. Now you can teach juniors golf almost anywhere. They can learn golf in a gym, on a playing field, around the schoolyard, at a park, in the backyard or around the neighborhood. Best of all there is no compromise in performance and/or ball striking feedback because the ball goes exactly where the club tells it to go. This new level of convenience allows juniors to actually get hooked on the game as opposed to simply being exposed to the game of golf. 

Kids hitting 10.jpgALMOSTGOLF BALLS HAVE BROKEN ALL THE TRADITIONAL BARRIERS TO ENTRY IN GOLF: Kids hitting 10.jpgFor years, few people inside the golf industry wanted to admit that there were some very large barriers to entry facing the new and junior golfers. With the almostGolf ball all those barriers are gone. By breaking the golf ball safety barrier and allowing kids to practice, learn and even play around their yard, park or schoolyard, we make it possible for kids to do more than just get acquanted with the game. By making golf convenient, safe and exciting to play, kids and adults can practice as much as they want. That's revolutionary. This daily and/or weekly practice can suppliment any golfers course play and practice and allow them to improve faster. Learn more about how almostGolf is helping to grow the game of golf and Teach kids to play golf and junior golf instruction


almostGOLF in the Wall Street Journal

NEWS FLASH: ALMOSTGOLF MADE THE WALL STREET JOURNAL April 7th Wall Street Journal took a look at golf training-aids on the market and highlighted our very own short game guru, Dave Pelz as well as almostGOLF practice balls:  

For the Golfer Who Doesn't Quite Have Everything:Gadgets to help you putt, swing, chip, travel, stay cool -- and win
April 7, 2008; Page R1

Dave Pelz, who is not only Phil Mickelson’s coach [and almostGOLF’s endorser] said, "There are some very purposeful, very useful learning aids" on the market. But "most golfers don't know what the problem in their game is," making a training-aid purchase a "hit-and-miss thing." To separate the good from the not-so-good, we went on a golfer's dream reporting assignment: find some new and innovative gadgets that will allow a golfer to get better [...and to our pleasant surprise the almostGOLF ball was at the top of the list!]

wall street journal cover 4 08.jpg

When you think about established monster brands like Taylormade, Titleist, Calloway and Nike, it nice to see that our innovation and unique vision warranted the WSJ’s editorial attention (without our having to spend the big advertising dollars). But the truth is that there are a growing number of serious players and especially golf educators who recognize that the almostGOLF ball is growing the game of golf. It’s simple. Most golfers simply don't practice because they can't get to a golf course enough. (It's the age old barriers to entry for Golf - time, money and travel). Prior to almostGOLF, there was no off course safe ball that gave real golf ball feedback and performance.   

In a recent interview with Dave Pelz, he spoke about his exhaustive multi-year study on amateur golfers’ and their improvement. He found that those players who had large backyards or an area near their home, where they could practice conveniently and consistently with a regular golf ball, showed significant improvement in performance and lower scores. He also mentions that this is extremely rare… unless you’re Phil Mickelson, who has a driving range size backyard or practice hole in their backyard? This is where Pelz recommends the almostGOLF ball as the perfect solution. With the almostGOLF ball's limited distance and performance, golfers with normal size backyards or a nearby park or school playing field or gym, have new found freedom to practice and improve.