Golf Instructors: Growing the Game of Golf

The almostGolf ball has broken the safety barrier and made it possible for teaching professionals to bring instruction to thousands of new off-course venues. As a result, golf education is reaching more people and helping grow the game!

Today there are approximately 16,000 golf courses in the US alone. In addition to the golf course, the almostGOLF's unique design allows golf professionals to safely bring instruction to students for in school and after school golf programs.


The almostGolf ball allows you to teach on nearly any open space. This means teaching professionals can bring golf to any audience and effectively eliminate the traditional barriers to entry such as time, money and travel. And the more convenient you make it for your students, the more will sign up and return year after year. We’ve found that when you tell a parent that you are doing an after school program on their child’s campus, and they need not drive anywhere, they are far more willing to sign their child up. Best of all, we are seeing these after school programs growing exponentially in both the number of programs starting up and the number of kids coming back the next year.

CREATING ROOTS IN THE COMMUNITY Many golf courses and facilities simply do not have roots in the community, in that, if you want to play or practice golf, you have to get to the facility. If you do not have the time, money or ability to travel, you can't experience the game. And let's face it, kids don't have cars. So we've cut a critical group of future golfers and customers out of the mix. This is an immense barrier to entry that almostGolf eliminates.

With our ball, golf courses, driving ranges and off-course golf retailers can now bring golf to numerous playing fields and school/corporate campuses around their facility. Your assistant pros can now get paid to teach in the community. The impact of this is significant. Now you can create a feeder system where juniors learn the basic skills on campus that get them turned on to the game and then they can graduate/migrate to your course with a lot less intimidation, a lot more skills, and a lot more traction.

CORPORATE EDUCATION: On a corporate level, we are all living very busy lives. Now teaching pros can teach lunch time group classes that will reactivate dormant moms and dads as well as hook new golfers with a cost effective, convenient and fun form of the game that will build students skills and lead to them back to your golf course to play and buy the gear they need to succeed and have fun.    

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