How to Create almostGolf Events

The great thing about creating your own almostGOLF tournament or hole-In-One competitions are that they are way easier to produce than traditional golf course events and they are a powerful way to raise money for your favorite charity or club. All you need are players + a course + a barbecue and you have an event people will remember. And since our ball floats…and you have to hit out…people will really, really remember.
If you’ve never produced a golf tournament before, this is a great way to get your feet wet and have a lot of fun. Best of all, your event can be anything you want it to be. It’s your design and it’s your tournament. Your AG tournament can be as simple as carpet squares for tee boxes and hula hoops for holes or as elaborate as bringing in synthetic greens, tee boxes, scoreboards, catering and celebrities. 

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WHO PUTS ON ALMOSTGOLF TOURNAMENTS? Anyone who want to! Golf teams, elementary and secondary schools, clubs, charity organizations can raise a lot of money through on campus events. AG tournaments are inexpensive to produce so they are a great charity fundraiser for small organizations that do not have the audience or staff for a real golf course tournament fundraiser. They are also simple to produce, so if you are a high school golf team with 5-15 players and not a lot of on campus exposure, almostGOLF-a-thons are an awesome way to raise money with minimal production headaches. (See Golfathons below) Then, once your team has raised money and established itself, you can, and should progress to creating a traditional golf tournament. 

CHARITY MODELS: The almostGolf-a-thon is simple to produce and an easy, low tech way to raise money for a golf team, club or charity. It’s just like a walkathon but playing almostGOLF. Each player raises money by getting friends and family to pledge as little as a dollar a hole. Then all you have to do is show up and play. No need to auctions, Tee box prizes, bending the arms of sponsors.


    Players        $ per hole    Pledges    Number of Holes      Total
           10                $1                10                36         $3,600
           20                $1                10                36         $7,200
           30                $1                10                36         $10,800
           40                $1                10                36         $14,400
           50                $1                10                36         $18,000

(PDF of the Golfathon doc with registration page)


EVENT SIZE: Since the our ball flies no further than 70 yards with a 7 iron, you can create spectator friendly ‘short courses’ designed for one or two clubs. You can create an AG tournament on as little as 3 acres, so they can fit nearly anywhere. These courses emphasize shot creativity over distance, and since the ball is spectator safe, you can build the course around your ‘clubhouse’ so everyone can see all the action. (see our course maps link)

What is great about creating tight courses are that the hot shots have a great time going pin hunting, while the new golfers can experience a lot more success because our ball is a whole lot easier to hit than a traditional golf ball, and when you hit off line, it doesn’t fly three fairways over.

To learn more about events and what people are doing around the world, check out THE ALMOSTGOLF TOUR blog for ongoing tips and tricks.

SIMPLE TOURNAMENTS: almostGOLF tournaments are very similar to Disc golf or Frisbee golf courses. You basically want to get the ball from one place to another in the least number of strokes. A very good example of this is the Meschewski Open,  where John Meschewski and his neighbors create two 18 hole courses around their neighborhood every Labor Day to raise money to help his nephew with Down syndrome. Johns course layout meanders through, around and over the neighborhood and everyone gets involved. Best of all, he’s able to cut the tee boxes, fairways and target areas with a gang of lawnmowers.

CREATING ROOTS IN THE COMMUNITY BIG TOURNAMENTS: If you want a corporate event or you have a really nice location like an estate, school etc. and you want almostGOLF to produce your event. Give us a call.

To create a big corporate event, AG events are no different than real golf tournaments. The only difference is that you can bring the golf tournament to your audience at a corporate park, neighborhood or to fellow students on campus. This sure beats having to travel to a golf course. This brings is all kinds of party and course design elements into play that can showcase your programs while captivating  your audience and make them want to come back for more.

STEP #1: THE COURSE: The first step is to design your course. This is actually one of the most fun parts of any tournament. If you aren’t a golfer, get a few golfers to help you out. Have them take a wedge, 9 and/or 8 iron out and begin creating the course in what ever area you have chosen or been given to create the tournament. It might be around playing fields at a school, or through a corporate campus or around your neighborhood. What a great community building event you can create.

By the time you and your friends are done mapping out your course, you will not only have picked the optimum one or two clubs for the tournament, but most likely had a blast doing it and are psyched to go out an recruit your players and spectators.  Learn more about almostGolf course design.


STEP #2 GETTING PEOPLE TO PLAY: Since you don’t have to pay for the golf course, getting players is actually the easy part. Seeing that you are most likely not asking them to spend anywhere near $100-500 to play, potential players will fall over themselves to compete for a reasonable $15-25.

There are many ways to get players from opening up your personnal or company rolodex, to putting a shout out to your Myspace or Facebook network.

A couple of notes to attract players and spectators:
    -Show them the course map you’ve created
    -Show them a few links from our website so they can see the events and courses others have done.


STEP #3 GAME DAY: Producing an almostGOLF event for game day begins with putting down the course, then registering your players, telling them the rules of play, then watching them play. The beauty of golf in general is that there really aren’t a whole lot of moving parts.

STEP #4 BELLS AND WHISTLES: You can go nuts with special extras like our famed water hazards or Cup-O-Sand hazards. You can also spruce things up with special prizes for most birdies, hole in ones, lowest score, closest to the pin etc.

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