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Pat Gavin: New Mexico State University

"The almostGOLF ball has been a perfect item for our after school golf programs as well as junior golf days.  It allows us to offer programs in small confined areas, where in the past would have been impossible.  The almostGOLF ball is a great tool for creating unique golfer development programs."

-Pat Gavin - Director, PGA Golf Management Program, NMSU 

Aaron Bergman: Golf in Schools USA

Image"almostGOLF balls can transform any open space into an authentic golf practice range. Their real-life feel and flight have allowed our students to learn and benefit from the game in settings such as open fields and gymnasiums.  Golf in Schools USA programs rely on almostGOLF balls for safe, fun instruction in any environment."

- Aaron Bergman - Co Founder
Golf in Schools USA

Joshua Jacobs: TGA Premier Junior Golf

"The almostGOLF Ball will revolutionize the way youth and juniors are introduced to and learn the game of golf."

     Joshua Jacobs
Owner/Director TGA Premier Junior Golf
Jeff Jones: Junior Golf Success Program

I have had a chance to use the almostGOLF ball for the last 10 weeks of my junior golf camp and the response from the players and the professional staff has been phenomenal. The durability and playability are great and the ball is sure to be at the top of our list of products we recommend for all of our junior golfers.  As a recipient of a PGA Growth of the Game grant, we will be using the ball in a number of local schools for our First Step to the 1st Tee Program.

     Jeff Jones
     PGA Professional
     Junior Golf Success Program


BRINGING GOLF TO SCHOOLS AND CORPORATE CAMPUSES: Scott Kmiec, Executive director of the New Jersey PGA discusses how the almostGolf ball has opened up a whole new world of proactive golf education by allowing PGA Professionals to reach out and take golf instruction off the course and to hundreds of schools and corporate campuses across the state. This new level of convenience has made it possible to expose golf to thousands of new golfers who would normally not have been able to try the great game of golf.


     Executive director: New Jersey section of the PGA of America


Felix Rabanal: PGA Grow The Game Coordinator

The use of the almostGOLF ball has allowed us to reach inner city school kids in a way we never expected. It has opened our eyes to a new doorway for introducing the game of golf.  The kids in our 23 youth center programs around Albuquerque, NM are more interested in learning golf than kids who are exposed to golf courses and traditional programs. The programs built around the almostGOLF ball have had significant impact in growing the game and serving city youth center programs.

     Felix Rabanal
     Grow the Game Director
     Sun Country PGA


CREATING TRANSITIONS TO THE GOLF COURSE: In 2005 we first met Phil Mickelson Sr, at the PGA show in Orlando FL and talked about his San Diego Junior Golf Programs. In 2007 he was gracious enough to come to one of our shoots and tell us about how he uses the almostGolf ball to migrate his junior students from his in-school golf programs to the golf course as well as how this ball could have saved a lot of broken windows back when his son was learning to be a champion golfer in their legendary backyard.


     San Diego Junior Golf Instructor

" almostGOLF is truly impacting the growth of the game. Their ball allows golf to be brought directly onto school campuses, where kids of all ages can experience the game in a fun, safe way. This type of exposure is instrumental in developing the next generation of life long golfers."

Mickie Gallagher III
Director of Golf
Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster


GROWING IN-SCHOOL GOLF PROGRAMS THROUGHOUT WISCONSIN: Carolyn and her husband Steve were one of the earliest PGA pros to begin taking the almostGolf ball into schools. To date they are in over 30 schools with dramatic results. Carolyn has proven that by eliminating all the traditional barriers to entry of time, money and travel, and bringing the fun of golf to the students is the fastest, least expensive and most tractionable way to grow the game of golf. Just one example is where they had one school where they couldn't get a single girl to come out and try golf. Today, in just four years, they have 60 girls in the program. 

     Wisconsin PGA Junior leader of the Year
     4 Time Wisconsin State Womens Open Champion




CROSS PURPOSING ON-CAMPUS PLAYING FIELDS TO EXPAND GOLF PROGRAMS: As Alex Galvan started his junior golf summer camps on the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, he needed more than his 30x40 yard short game area with synthetic green. Thanks to the almostGolf ball he was able to use the adjacent softball field as a driving range/course. By cross purposing the playing field, they were able to expand their program from half a day to a full day program and the kids really responded.


     Director: LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY Summer Sports Camps

OFF-COURSE GOLF TOURNAMENTS: Mike Munson, USC Recreation Director and president of the CGA (Collegiate Golf Allience) discusses how putting on almostGOLF tournaments through campus helps grow his golf club and golf programs at USC as well as the golf programs with the 300 participating CGA schools around the country.
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