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The great thing about creating your own almostGOLF tournament or hole in one competition is that they are way easier to produce than traditional golf course events and they are a powerful way to raise money for your favorite charity or club.


It’s important to note that the strength of the almostGOLF ball is not distance like traditional golf balls, but accuracy, shot creativity, guts and most importantly, the ability to create a neighborhood course anywhere, anytime.


Playing almostGolf is a lot of fun. There are hundreds of ways to use our ball. These are just a few games you can play to have fun and improve your golf game. If you come up with a new game, don’t hesitate to tell us all about it.

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Since the almostGOLF ball has broken the safety barrier, you are now able to play and practice golf anywhere there is space. That’s revolutionary. More importantly, because the ball flies a limited distance, it fits the world we all live in. You play around the yard or can create golf courses around your neighborhood, park, schoolyard, corporate park, beach or any open space. To get more ideas of what others are doing, check out our off-course golf blog or golf video library.


ImagePLAYING AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD: The first thing to realize about the almostGOLF ball is that it flies pretty much the same distance as your average Frisbee. And any game you can play with a Frisbee, you can play with our ball. This opens up all kinds of course and competitive possibilities.

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